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IKO Armourbase PRO PLUS Underlayment

On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.
This is the perfect underlayment in combination with IKO Roof Shingles and low sloped roofs.

IKO Armourbase Pro PLUS has all the features of the Armourbase PRO underlayment and goes even a step further…

IKO Armourbase Pro PLUS is a modern and flexible bituminous roof underlayment with bituminous strips for adhesion of overlapping.
Thanks to these self-adhesive overlaps , one does NOT have to overlap by 50% at low slope (15-26°):
in other words saving money and time!

This also creates an increased protection against the risk of water infiltration along the area of mechanical fixing.

Dimensions (l x w):  30 x 1 m
Roof Coverage: 30 m²
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight / roll: 11,5 kg – 33 pcs/pallet
Tensile length (EN 13859-1): 400 N / 50 mm
Tensile width (EN 12311-1):  300 N / 50 mm
Elongation length (EN 12311-1): 40 %
Elongation width (EN 12311-1): 50 %
Cold flex lower surface (EN 1109): – 40°C

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