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IKO Armourbase PRO Underlayment

On all pitches, IKO recommends that an underlayment must be used underneath the roof shingles.

IKO Armourbase PRO Underlayment is the favorite underlayment amongst roofers.
It is a light weight bitumen polyester based underlayment covered with a polypropylene film on both sides.

Easy, quick and clean to install, it is a multi-purpose underslating primarily used for roof shingles but also for
other roofing materials like clay and concrete tiles, metal sheets, corrugated sheets, …


Dimensions (l x w):  30 x 1 m
Roof Coverage: 30 m²
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight / roll: 9 kg – 40 pcs/pallet
Tensile length (EN 13859-1): 400 N / 50 mm
Tensile width (EN 12311-1):  345 N / 50 mm
Elongation length (EN 12311-1): 40 %
Elongation width (EN 12311-1): 50 %
Cold flex lower surface (EN 1109): – 40°C


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